MSA Breathing apparatus

by MSA
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MSA Airgo pro breathing apparatus

The MSA Air go pro breathing apparatus is a high-quality preset and provides comfortable, outstanding respiratory protection. Ruggedly reliable and flexible, it's a popular choice for a wide range of maintenance or rescue operations, including firefighting. Designed to reduce stress and fatigue. This kit includes the harness, regulator, carbon cylinder 6.8ltr and mask.


  • Modular SCBA system 
  • Completely customisable configuration 
  • High performance harness
  • Intelligent network system
    • Automatic monitor breathing status and surrounding toxic gas concentration;
    • Information exchange between personal and network;
    • Incident Documentation.
  •  Click 
    • Fast connection between cylinder and reducer, more than 10 times time saving than traditional thread connection.
    • Self-lock, accidental fall off protection. 
  • Quick Fill 
    • Fast filling, fill a cylinder within 45 seconds.
    • Safe Filling, allow pressured operation 
  • Singleline 
    • Compare similar air supply system weight decrease 35%
    • Outlasted more than 200,000 kinking movements

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