Gotcha SHARK Rescue Kit – Tower & Mast Rescue Kit

by Gotcha
Price $2,150.00

A rescue kit that is ideal for those who consider work at height a key part of their skill such as those who work on towers and masts

  1. Suitable for Rescue from - Fall Arrest Lanyards, Vertical Fall Arrest Systems and Webbing Fall Arrest Blocks
  2. Bladeless cutting  – The casualty is released by cutting their primary attachment with a unique bladeless cutter for safety and accuracy
  3. Rescue direction  – The SHARK is a descent rescue kit and rescue entails the rescuer descending to the casualty, collecting them and descending to safety
  4. Pre-assembled - No assembly is required by the user
  5. Assisted rescue - The rescuer accesses the casualty in order to recover them.
  6. Two person use - The Gotcha SHARK is rated for loads up to 300kg in normal use
  7. Maximum Working Length - Gotcha SHARK kits are available in the following lengths which define their working length. 30 Metre, 50 Metre, 66 Metre and 100 metre lengths

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