Latchways Webbing Inertia Reel 7m LW62007

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 LW62007 Latchways Webbing Inertia Reel 7m - tagged prior to sale

LW Series Inertia Reels
The ManSafe SRL has been developed with unique features to provide a smarter, safer and better alternative to traditional sealed SRLs. 

Smarter: LW Series patented Constant Force braking system is a frictionless braking system that won’t go out of adjustment.
Safer: The advanced Full Contact technology is 100% reliable, the user being able to check this by feeling and hearing the ‘clicking’ as the lifeline extends and retracts. A built-in reserve line ensures a fall is arrested safely even when the cable is fully extended.
Better: Internal components are protected by rubber seals ensuring the spring locking mechanism and absorber are completely impenetrable.The modular design allows quick and easy servicing of both the cable and absorber, facilitating the opportunity for either in-house or third party service personnel to service the SRL ensuring minimal ‘downtime’

Fall arrest Personal Fall Protective Equipment (PFPE) is used to arrest a worker in the event of a fall and limit forces applied to the worker and the point of anchorage. A PFPE fall arrest system comprises of a body support element (fall arrest full body harness), a connecting element (fall arrest lanyard with built in energy absorber), a connector (karabiner/hook) and an anchorage (lifeline/anchor). The ManSafe® SRL is intended to be used as a connecting element within a personal fall arrest system. The ManSafe® SRL includes a self-locking function and automatically extends and retracts providing the user with freedom of movement over a large working area. The ManSafe® SRL is to be used where user mobility is required and fall protection is needed (inspection work, general construction & maintenance work etc).

Key Features

  • The Full Contact™ locking mechanism is constantly moving therefore cannot freeze, hang up or corrode. This ensures failsafe performance that is verified by the audible clicking noise.
  • Anti-Racheting ensures functionality on any overhead fall protection system.
  • The integral, in-line, tear-web energy absorber, absorbs energy at a Constant Force® and gives a true indication of impact.
  • All internal components are manufactured from materials with high corrosion resistant properties.
  • All moving parts are coated or impregnated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for lubrication.
  • The toughened case is designed to resist impact damage and protect internal chassis.
  • The modular design allows for quick and easy recertification ensuring minimal time out of action.
  • All ManSafe® SRL’s are individually serial numbered to ensure full traceability.


  • BS EN 360:2002 [Personal Protective Equipment against Falls from Height - Retractable Type Fall Arresters]
  • ANSI Z359.1-2007 [Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Sub-systems and Components - Self Retracting Lanyard]
  • OSHA 1910.66 [Personal Fall Arrest System]
  • OSHA 1926.502 [Fall Protection Systems Criteria and Practices]
  • CSA Z259.2.2-98 [Self Retracting Devices for Personal Fall Arrest Systems]
  • ISO 9001 Certified company.


Case Impact Modified Nylon
Pawl & Ratchet Module Hard Lubricated Stainless Steel
Chassis Stainless Steel
Motor Spring Stainless Spring Steel
Hub Module Aluminium
Fasteners Stainless Steel
Webbing Polyester
Snap Hook Aluminium


Static Strength > 15kN
Maximum Breaking (Arrest) Force < 6kN

Quality Control

100% gauge inspection.
100% visual inspection.
100% function and lock tested.
X-ray inspection of cast components.
Batch conformance test – Dynamic strength.
Batch conformance test – Static

General Information
Before each use ensure that a clicking sound can be heard when the lifeline is extracted and retracted. Additionally ensure that the device locks up when the lifeline is pulled sharply. This indicates that the locking mechanism is functioning correctly. Ensure that the SRL is only used for overhead applications. The SRL should not be used at an angle greater than 30º from the vertical. Never use the SRL for horizontal applications. Always ensure that the SRL is attached to an anchorage point capable of sustaining minimum anchorage strength of 15 kN. Always be aware of sharp edges, or obstacles that prevent the correct orientation of the lifeline when connecting the SRL to the anchorage point. The SRL is a single user device. Only one user should be attached to the SRL at any one time. The maximum user mass (including tools) must not exceed 140 kg. The SRL must only be recertified by a Latchways approved recertification engineer. A full recertification must be conducted within 2 years of manufacture and annually thereafter.


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