Spanset Saverline inertia reels

by Spanset
Price $1,150.00

Select the length of the Saverline you require from the options above - next to "Title". The SpanSet Saverline range of fall arrest blocks have been designed for your safety when working at height, with the 2m being the smallest and lightest in its class in the world. These inertia reels and retractable lanyards are modern, compact and durable and have a unique braking system that locks by acceleration, not just speed.
This ensures that these Saverline series of reels pays out freely but locks on rapidly to minimise free fall and impact loads on both the anchorage and the body. TheSaverline inertia reels have a lightweight chassis, PC ABS housing and galvanised steel cable (webbing on the 2m and 3m) contribute to their outstanding strength and performance. The Saverline reels come in 2,3 10, 18, 30 and 40 mtr lengths, and you can select the size you want from above.

The 2 and 3mtr Saverline units use webbing and the Saverline Inertia reels from 10 mtrs and up use galvanised cable.



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