Confined space gantry [tripod and beam] setup

by Beaver technologies
Price $16,825.00

Confined Space Gantry setup - using tripod and beam

We have successfully sold this system to companies contracting to Sydney Water, where they have required a system to span a large confined space entrance not suitable for a regular tripod. Winch sizes vary from 18mtr to 90mtr, and so does the backup recovery Ikar device [from 18mtr to 65mtr].

The system includes the following, price depends on size of beam, winch and Ikar recovery units - initial price includes minimum retrieval length on winch and Ikar recovery units - 18mtr each

2 BTS Tripods

Horizontal beam [length to be specified by you] including all rigging

BTS winch to locate trolley on beam

BTS winch [size to specified by you] to lower person / materials

BTS power drive to allow use of drill to lower and retrieve

Ikar recovery backup device [size to be specified by you]

Engineered brackets to attach winches and Ikar units to tripod legs.


The PRO-Series Tripod & Beam assembly is ideal for work environments where safe entry and egress is required into larger pits and tunnels and traditional Tripods and Davits do not allow for adequate off set reach or positioning.

Safe access and egress in larger pits and tunnels of up-to 8m wide can be easily achieved using the PRO-Series Tripod and Beam Assembly. Horizontal beams are available in 1.5m increments and can be effortlessly assembled on site.

Vertical and horizontal movement is controlled by the 2 winches supplied with the kit. The system is rated for 1 person.


  • Individually adjustable telescopic legs with toe spikes, bolt/peg holes and chain holes for added stability.
  • BTS-Klick dual action quick release buttons for fast and reliable height adjustment.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Tripod head features integrated pulley wheel allowing for winch wire cable to pass through center of Tripod.
  • Additional rated 3 tie-off points in the Tripod head for attaching additional personal fall protection equipment.


Maximum Height: 3.0m
Maximum Length Rail: 9.7m
Working Load Limit: 1,000kg
Rail Length: Modular 1.5m sections up to 9.7m max.
Part No. Description Height
MRTBS-7M 3.0m 3-Stage Tripod c/ 7.0m Horizontal Beam & Traveller 3.02m
MRTBS-10M 3.0m 3-Stage Tripod c/ 10m Horizontal Beam & Traveller 3.02m
Part No. Description
70053 Horizontal Rail - Single Rail Section
BTW1800S Horizontal Travel Brake Hand Winch (12m)
60003 Vertical Travel Brake Hand Winch (18m) (other lengths available)
60195 Power Drive Drill Adaptor for Recovery Rescue Winch 60003

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