Xtirpa counterweight davit system

by Spanset
Price $26,900.00
The Xtirpa counterweight system is designed for multiple confined space access in the same area where the extra reach of the 1200mm davit arm is required. Additionally, this Xtirpa system can be used in areas where a fixed base is not possible. The Xtirpa counterweight system consists of a central unit to which a number of optional equipment can be added, including extensions, leg adjustment and anchoring options. With a weight capacity of 163kg this system can be used in conjunction with a counter-balancing weight rack or a wheel pad assembly when using a vehicle. The davit arm has a 2270kg anchor point. The system includes davit arm, mast, hitch mount [required], counter weight base with weight [40 by 50lbs weights], adaptor, and extension. The winch is purchased separately, depending on what reach you require. The system is easily moved around with wheels fitted.

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