Sala Tripod 2.13mtr

by 3M
Price $2,200.00

Sala Tripod 2.13mtr


The Sala 2.13mtr tripod is the most popular choice in the Sala range. Features as follows -

2.1 m aluminium tripod Lightweight and durable aluminium construction is easy to transport, set-up and use and will stand up to the elements for extended longevity.

  • Telescoping adjustable locking legs
    Simple detent pin adjustment in 7.6 cm increments offers quick and easy set-up allowing you to custom fit your work space.
  • Built-in pulley system
    Provides an easy way to rout your mechanical devices lifeline into the confined space, and keeps it centered.
  • Rubber safety shoes with spiked edges
    Offers a non-slipping design for both flat surfaces and uneven terrains for complete safety.
  • Safety leg support chain
    Prevents movement of the legs when the system is under load providing added support, strength and safety.
  • 22 kN eyebolt anchor points
    Two eyebolts designed to hang plumb regardless of surface are ideal for attachment of secondary or back-up systems.
  • Quick connect winch/SRL mount bracket
    Easily attach a mechanical device such as winch or 3-way self retracting lifeline directly to the tripod leg.
  • Equipped with i-Safe™
    Integrated RFID identification tag for recording and storing information on inspections and tracking safety equipment.
  • Order mechanical winch/SRL device(s) separately
    Various winch and 3-way self retracting lifeline configurations and options are available to suit most site requirements for added peace of mind.

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